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Advanced Chiropractic Treatment

Pro health chiropractor is located in Calgary Northwest, Our chiropractic clinic provide treatments for a wide range of musculoskeletal disorders. Chiropractic is a century old practice of alternative medicine having its origins in the traditional bone setting treatments. Daniel David Palmer, a doctor from Davenport, Iowa founded this healing practice in the 1890s. At our Chiropractic Clinic, we continue the healing tradition of a drug-free treatment for all types of musculoskeletal pain.

The Basic Idea

The spinal cord is a vital component of the neuro-skeletal system, encasing and interacting with the spine. The bundle of nerves running through the vertebral column controls and coordinates physical actions. Essentially, everything in your body has a spinal cord connection.

When you visit our chiropractor clinic in Calgary NW, the specialist listens to your problem and takes a full medical history before arriving at a diagnosis. Here, we have the most advanced and effective modalities and tools for treatment. We continually keep up to date with the latest technology to assist the chiropractor in both patient diagnosis and treatment. All our Doctors are certified. Having all of these tools allows us to treat a multitude of problems ranging from the foot, ankle, knee, hip, low/upper back, neck, shoulder, elbow, hand and wrist. We usually combine the therapy with rehab exercise and stretching.

Pain and your spine

Many painful conditions that may or may not involve the spinal cord have many simple and quick solutions in our Calgary NW Chiropractic clinic. Misalignment/joint compression is usually only part of the cause in regards to musculoskeletal pain, commonly there are other factors that need to be addressed as well (scar tissue, inflammation, etc). We have the solution for prolonged musculoskeletal pain at our Northwest Calgary chiropractor facility. Our chiropractors have experience in successfully healing even the most chronic pain.

One extremely common problem is headaches. Besides the usual headache, you may be a suffering from migraines. If you are staying in Calgary NW, Let our chiropractors help you effectively for long-term relief.

Treatment fo Musculoskeletal pain

If you have an injury due to suddenly lifting a load, hurting yourself in sport, or whatever the case may be; contact us to restore the balance in your body.

We also direct bill and treat Motor Vehicle Accident cases. Our Chiropractor facility in Calgary NW offers effective treatments for whiplash injuries and other severe muscle strain issues. The chiropractors will usually suggest some forms of exercises to help you self-treat your condition.

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