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  • First treatment for low back pain using Active Release Treatment (A.R.T) with chiropractic

    Calgary Chiropractor Kamal Ikram giving you the background of a low back patient recently seen at Pro Health Chiropractic clinic located in northwest Calgary.


    The patient is a 30 year old female who had her second child in the past 18 months. She has had low back problems from time to time in her life, but had never seen a chiropractor.  2 weeks prior to her chiropractic appointment she was chipping ice out of her driveway at her home in Calgary. She felt ok while doing it, but an hour later the pain along her belt line was so intense it hurt to move in any direction. Over the next two weeks the pain got worse and worse. FInally, she called the Chiropractic clinic because she could not move. She was skeptical to come in because she had not seen a chiropractor in Calgary before. She was brought to the chiropractor Dr. Kamal Ikram whom assessed her. It appeared that her Si joint on her left side had locked up because her gluteus medius muscle(hip muscle) had spasmed, a result of the repetitive ice chipping motion. It was surprising for her to see that it was actually hip pain that she was interpreting as low back pain. The Chiropractor did some ART (Active Release) on her gluteus medius muscle and also did some acupuncture. After the acupuncture was complete, he applied a chiropractic adjustment to unlock the SI Joint, and mobilized the low back. She walked out of the clinic feeling significant relief. She is scheduled to return in 3 days for followup.  Stay tuned for followup blog next week.

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