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  • Second treatment for low back pain using Active Release Treatment (A.R.T) with chiropractic

    Calgary Chiropractor Kamal Ikram giving you the background of a low back patient recently seen at Pro Health Chiropractic clinic located in northwest Calgary.

    The low back pain patient from the last blog arrived 3 days later for a second chiropractic treatment. Here is what was found. For the next 36 hours after the chiropractic treatment the patient experienced pain and was not able to sit for long periods of time. This is due to the body taking it time to heal, as a chiropractor, we speed up the healing process, but your body still needs time for that to occur. After 36 hours the pain she had in her back got significantly better, about 60% better she stated. She was able to move more freely and sit for longer periods. She was still occasionally getting a sharp pain and stiffness if she moved to quickly. It appeared Active Release Treatment (A.R.T) would be successful to release the muscles further.

    When the patient was seen by Dr. Ikram 3 days after there last chiropractic visit they were still hovering at that 60% better mark. After assessing them it was apparent that her left sacroiliac joint was still not moving on the left hand side (had locked up again due to muscle tightness, and required A.R.T, aka Active Release Technique) and her left glut muscle was not firing (When the glut stops firing like this, your low back muscles along with your hamstring muscle co-ordinate there movement to move your pelvis when waking, running, etc). Dr Ikram applied a chiropractic adjustment to unlock the sacroiliac joint and did ART(Active Release Technique) to the glut muscles, hip muscles and low back muscles. He then showed her a very simple leg swinging exercise to keep the sacroiliac joint unlocked and the glut firing. After the treatment the patient stated that the Active Release Technique (A.R.T) had loosened up the muscle and the joint felt like it was moving more freely. She has a follow up chiropractor and Active Release Treatment in 4 days.

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