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  • Applying acupuncture for shoulder pain

    A 25 year old patient came presented to our nw Calgary chiropractic clinic complaining of left  shoulder pain. She had had the pain for past 3 weeks  She noted no numbness or tingling in fingers, but the front of her left shoulder was very achey.

    Upon examination the chiropractor noted the shoulder was rolled forward. The shoulder capsule was very tender and very tight. The supraspinatus muscle was testing weak with pain as well. The patient was diagnosed with shoulder impingement. Acupuncture was performed deep into the shoulder capsule. Needles were also placed from the left hand up to her shoulder in spots that help influence shoulder pain. Stimulation was applied to get the blood flowing along the meridian line. After dry needling was applied to the left trap, deltoid, and rotator cuff muscles.

    The patient felt loose at the end of treatment and will be returning for followup in  3 days.

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