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  • All about Physiotherapy

    What is physiotherapy?


    Physiotherapy is an effective treatment method for many musculoskeletal complaints. Our nw Calgary physiotherapy clinic is excellent in relieving physical discomfort.  Physiotherapy has been around since 460 BC. Back in those days it was physicians who applied massage therapy and other manual therapies to speed up the bodes healing time and rid the body of muscle pain, joint pain and disease.


    Why choose physiotherapy?


    There is a multitude of reasons to come to go to a physiotherapy clinic. If you are suffering from pain caused from poor posture, athletic injury, or just want to increase your performance it is effective on providing rehabilitative exercise and manual therapy to decrease pain and discomfort.


    What do Physiotherapists treat?


    At our NW Calgary physiotherapy clinic we are trained to treat your entire body. From a sprained ankle, to a injured knee, hip. elbow or shoulder, to back pain and neck pain.


    What does a physiotherapist do? 


    Physiotherapists apply hands on therapy as well as guide you through prescribed exercises to help decrease your pain and locate the dysfunction that created it. It is widely recognized by the western medicine community as an effective way to treat musculoskeletal pain.


    How do i pick a good physiotherapist? 

    This is a very good question. At our clinic all of our physiotherapists are trained in the latest most state of the art care. It is important to find someone who you connect with on a personal level so you can be  comfortable when you are getting treated. When the mind is relaxed, you can heal more effectively. The most common way physiotherapists are found is through referral. However, read the physiotherapists biography and google reviews, usually those are a good indicator of there capability.


    How long till I get better?

    This will vary from patient to patient, type of injury, age, etc. It is common that after 2 weeks (3-4 treatments) you should be seeing at least 30-50% results.

    Our NW Calgary physiotherapists are extremely skilled and are highly effective at treating physical pain. If you have any questions feel free to contact our clinic at 403-547-9011.




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