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  • Calgary Chiropractor, Massage & Physiotherapy – Knee Case Follow-Up


    The patient arrived at the chiropractic clinic located in nw Calgary stating that her knee pain was 50% decreased. They stated to the chiropractor that they could put weight on it and it hurt less to walk.


    Upon examination the chiropractor found a decrease in point tenderness over the inside of the MCL ligament and over the patellar tendon. The chiropractor found that the head of the fibula was a bit restricted. It was mobilized and the chiropractor applied the second radial shockwave treatment to the knee.


    It was noted that the hip was still internally rotating with the lunge test. Active release was applied to the muscles in the hip and then muscle testing was done to get the hips muscle firing. The chiropractor prescribed glut med exercises to increase strength to do over the next week. The patient left feeling great and was instructed to return in 7 days for follow up.


    Our clinic is conveniently located in nw Calgary. Lots of injuries are occurring because of all the yard work and increase in running and activity people are doing with the nice weather. If you have any questions about any ache or pain, feel free to call our NW Calgary clinic location. Feel free to call us and ask any question.

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