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  • Chiropractic 101

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    Being a chiropractor can be a tough business when you start out. There is a multitude of different types of chiropractors. I myself am a Sports Chiropractor. What this means is i do not just adjust people and work on back pain. It is a hybrid between physiotherapy and chiropractic medicine. Sports chiropractors will normally use some if not all of the following techniques in treating a patient, acupuncture, Soft tissue Therapies(Tens, Graston, Active Release, Radial shockwave, IMS and exercise rehab). In my opinion this the highest standard of care that patients can get when choosing physical medicine for musculoskeletal pain.

    The biggest mistake most chiropractors make is to treat there clinic to much like a business. They start to push supplements, orthotics, and want to make patients prepay for a “package” of treatments. It becomes all about making money and experiencing growth. Don’t get me wrong, these are great things, but the approach needs to be different. The emphasis needs to be put on helping people, being honest with people, learning about there lives, giving them your time and providing highest standard of care. You need to understand the entire patient in order to treat them effectively. You need to be empathetic and not look at patients as cash machines. You have to treat patients like they are your family and make them comfortable in your clinic.

    If you can focus on the patient not only will your patients be loyal to you, but they will get better much quicker, you will get more new patient referrals, you will make more money, and your business will grow.

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