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  • Chiropractor Calgary nw- Shoulder pain. Do not ignore your body!!

    This blog is going to review a case that I had just a few days ago. It is intended to encourage people to see there family doctor regularly for regular physical, blood work, etc.

    I had a 51 year old patient presenting to my clinic complaining of left arm neck and shoulder pain. History revealed the patient had been a smoker for 30 years and the pain he was experiencing had been going into his arm and progressively getting worse. Upon physical exam it was noted that the patient had swelling around the left trap. He had not ten experiencing any weigh loss, loss of appetite, or any other fred flag symptoms.


    The patient was sent for an x-ray and it was revealed that he had developed a soft tissue mass at the apex of his left lung. The mass was applying pressure to the nerves also known as the brachial plexus and creating the pain in the arm. The patient is now being treated for lung cancer. It is important not to ignore your body  and to be mindful of what it tells you.

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