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    What is Acupuncture?


    Acupuncture is a technique that uses the insertion of sterilized needles to release tight muscles/influence different systems within the body.

    How does Acupuncture work?

    The principle behind it is the restoration of your Chi/bloodflow/homeostasis in the body. Simply put, our blood brings in all the healing factors to repair a damaged tissue. By inserting a needle in specific areas of the body we can influence our blood to flow to the area where there is damage/dysfunction and in doing so heal the tissue.

    What is Dry needling?

    This is very similar to IMS(Intramuscular stimulation) if you are familiar with that. Unlike traditional acupuncture, the results of dry needling are not based on the flow of chi or traditional Chinese medicine. With dry needling you simply place a needle into a tight muscle and twist/agitate in order to get muscle to twitch and release.

    How does Dry Needling Work?

    Dry needling  can release tension in the muscle by causing it to twitch. It also increases blood perfusion into the muscle by causing agitation and irritation. The result of increased blood perfusion causes the tissue to heal.


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