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  • Hip health in runners

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    The hips are the keystone in our bodies. They are the keystone because they are near the centre point of our bodies. They allow 360 degrees of range of motion and they are the point of transition from the pelvis to the lower extremities.
    Many runners if not all runners will experience pain from time to time in there hips. There are many injuries that occur in the hips, snapping hip( caused from tight hip flexors/not proper warmup), bursitis( usually caused from overuse/not adapting or poor running biomechanics). These are just a few of the injuries that might occur. How to prevent these from happening. Well there is no perfect science to complete prevention, following some fundamental rules will help prevent hip pain when running.
    There are some fundamental rules to follow;
    1. Proper warmup and stretching. The most important thing for runners to do is to make sure the muscles are warm and lengthened. The best way to do this is with ballistic stretching. AN example of this is leg swings, both front to back and side to side pendulously.
    2. Building up tolerance to running. Many people start running to much to quick. It is important to slowly increase milage over weeks or months. Increasing milage to quick results in excess stress on the body in a short period of time.  You must slowly increase your milage when running in order for your body to adapt to the forces and build up stamina.
    3. Foam rolling. It is important to knead up the muscles in the hips you  are using to run by foam rolling. Think of this as self massage. It breaks up the scar tissue that forms when you run. this should not be done everyday contrary to belief. If you are foam rolling and breaking/kneading up tissue, you also need to let your body resort that scar tissue you are breaking up and let the body heal. If you are constantly foam rolling, your body will not heal.
    4. Hydration is so important, not just for hip health but for overall health. Our bodies are primarily water so healthy hydration will ensure our bodes are working good on a cellular level.
    Follow these 5 simple rules and have a great time running!!!
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