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  • How can a chiropractor help me with my running?

    Running injuries are very common and are a large percentage of the injuries that we see in our clinic. Lets first go back to common sense and basics. The most common cause of any injury are runners who do too much to quickly. “its the first run of the season I think ill run 10 km.” Is usually not the best thought. It is important to slowly increase your distances in order to allow your body to adapt. In doing so we will have fewer injuries and pain during the season.


    Hips, knees and feet are all areas where most commonly you will identify pain or problems during or after running. Lets start with the hips and work out way down.



    One of the most common problems you see in runner is pain in the hips. The hip tightens up during the run and the runner starts to getting hip pain. The most common cause of this problem is there cadence (also known as number of strides/min). If you increase your cadence, it actually decreases the mechanical stress on your hips. By taking more strides, you are not exerting anymore energy. Also, since your feet are in contact with the ground more because you are taking more strides, it gives your hip less time to drop before impact. The result is a healthier hip and less mechanical stress through the hip.


    Already having hip pain?

    If you are already having hip pain, the first step is to change your cadence. Most runners should be around 180 strides/minute. What you also need to do is foam roll the IT Bands and Glut medius muscle. This opens up the hip and allows the to move more freely during motion.


    Back to the first question. How can a chiropractor help me with my running?

    There are many different types of chiropractors. At our Clinic we are sports chiropractors. Sports chiropractors are similar to physiotherapists in there approach and what they do.  Our chiropractors can break up the scar tissue that has built up in the damaged tissue as well as open up and gap compressed joints and hips through mobilization. The result is a healthier runner.  As a sports chiropractor I see many runners on a regular basis. It is very important for you to get your hips looked at usually every 4-6 weeks depending on your level and your milage. This will ensure that you can run for a long period of time. If you have any questions feel free to contact us at Pro Health Chiropractic 403-547-9011.


    Next weeks blog Running and knee pain….stay tuned

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