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  • How to prevent low back pain for the everyday person!!


    Listening to our bodies is important, but proactive health is even more important. There are many things that you can do on your own to prevent low back pain before it starts.

    Number 1 is Exercise!!  This is one of the most important ways to prevent low back pain. Maintaining strong core muscles is the easiest way to keep your spine upright, supported and strong. You can do this easily through moderate exercise, planks, super-mans etc.

    Number 2 is Good Posture. This is another effective way to decrease your low back pain. Having bad posture can put more mechanical stress on your low back. It is important to maintain good posture in order to keep the mechanical forces through your spine minimal.

    Number 3 is Education. Knowing how to lift objects properly is very important. It is common when I visit construction sites in Calgary, that most of the workers you see out there lift with there backs instead of there legs.  As a result they end up with chronic low back pain.

    Number 4- Sitting toooooooo MUCH!! Do not sit too long! People who sit to long put different mechanical stresses on there low back as well. Particularly people with office jobs, we now sit far too much. We sit in our vehicles or on public transportation on our away to work where we sit all day in our desks. Then we sit in our cars all the way home and  when we get home we sit on the sofa. It is important to get up and move around at least every 30-45 minutes in order to prevent severe low back pain.

    Number 5- Stretching. In particular it has been scientifically proven  that stretching your hamstrings.  decreases stress and tilt on your pelvis. By decreasing the stress on the pelvis, it allows it to sit more level and decreases the stress in the low back.

    Number 6- See a chiropractor! Chiropractors are experts in mechanical low back pain. Getting adjusted and getting regular muscle work will decrease pressure, stiffness and mechanical stress across low back. It will allow the joints to move more freely and as a result you will have less pain.

    The above are all recommendations and by no means imply that by following these recommendations you will never have back pain again. The intention of these recommendations is to encourage people to take a preventative role in there health so they have fewer instances of low back pain.

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