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  • Importance of Massage post workout

    Woman enjoying shoulder massage at beauty spa

    It is very important if you are working out a lot to implement sports massage to help improve workout performance. Running, lifting weights, swimming, can leave the body sore, a deep tissue massage gets deep into the muscles to help make them more pliable and alleviate pain.  When our bodies get tight and this can cause muscle restrictions in decrease our range of motion during our daily workouts. Myofascial release aka sports massage works to loosen connective tissue and break up scar tissue and adhesions.  When this happens it improves our ability to move our joints through greater range of motion pain free.  A muscle with adhesions muscle such as a tight hamstring can really have a negative impact on your workout and can even lead to an injury.  Sports massage can help alleviate those issues and keep your body moving more fludily.

    Sports massage also boosts circulation and helps to flush toxins out of the body. Getting massage immediately  after working out can reduce muscle soreness post workout. It does this by agitating tissues and forcing blood to repair any micro tears within the muscle fiber that your workout just destroyed.

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