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  • Importance of Posture


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    Having good posture is the most easy and effective way to maintain a healthy body. Practicing good posture allows your body to align itself the way it is supposed too. By practicing good posture it can help alleviate aches and pains that you might have. Sore backs, shoulders, necks and headaches are a few things that can be caused by poor posture. Good general health and sitting upright has actually been shown to increase self confidence. It is common that people who have poor posture usually have more aches and pains as a result.  If you have poor posture in one area can affect your walking, sitting etc and as a result you can develop problems in other areas as well. Postural assessment allows us to locate the problem and remedy it. Assessing ones Gait/Walking cycle starts from the second that they walk in the door. You can see how they walk/ move how good there posture is.  If you tell the person you are analyzing there posture they will immediately change it, SO DO NOT,when analyzing.  When assessing posture you will look from the front side, back, and compare one side to the other. It is important to see an expert like a chiropractor or physiotherapist who is trained in assessing posture so they can guide you down the right path.

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