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  • NW Calgary Chiropractor, Massage and Physiotherapy-Knee Case

    A 45 year old patient arrived to the nw Calgary chiropractic clinic complaining of knee pain. Pain was extending along the front and medial(inside) portion of the knee. She was training the past 5 months for a half marathon and the knee pain was hindering her from running.

    The chiropractor did a knee work up and found extreme tenderness over the MCL ligament as well as the lower portion of the patellar tendon. There was also a lot of pain when the MCL ligament was stressed. There was also a lot of internal rotation of the hip on lunge test. It was decided that the patients had runners hip which was creating stress and strain gin the ligaments and tendons surrounding the knee.

    The chiropractor did radial shockwave therapy on the inside of the knee along the MCL ligament and the patellar tendon to increase blood flow to the area. He then did Graston technique to decrease the scar tissue that had formed in the area. Lastlty, the chiropractor did active release on the hip to break up scar tissue and to get the muscles firing so the knee would track properly.

    The patient will return for a followup in 4 days for followup.

    Knee injuries in runners are some of the most common areas we see injured at this time of year. It is commonly due to runners increasing the amount of running they are doing too quickly instead of gradually increasing. Dr. Ikram has had a lot of experience treating knees while working with all the elite athletes he has had over the years and our Physiotherapist works in a private knee clinic as well. Both are very well trained in this area. If you have any questions feel free to call our nw calgary chiropractic clinic and ask us questions.

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