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    THe patient arrived after 5 days and said his shoulder was 95% better. He was having almost no pain on bench press and the radiation down his arm had stopped. The only thing the patient  noticed is that there was some weakness with overhead shoulder press.


    After assessing the rotator cuff the chiropractor found that the triceps muscle and the shoulder capsule we’re still slightly tight. Range of motion was perfect actively and passively with no pain as well.  The chiropractor performed (ART) Active Release on the triceps and shoulder capsule and did some dry needling on the triceps muscle and the deltoids. The patients should was then mobilized as was his thoracic and cervical spine. The Active Release(ART) was less painful when performed by the chiropractor this time.


    The patient is more or less completely pain free. A followup Chiropractor and Active Release treatment (ART) will be performed in 2. 5 weeks.


    The chiropractor determined the weakness was coming from the patients lower traps. They were not activating to pull his shoulder blades back and as a result his front shoulder muscles were doing extra work they did not need to when doing bench press and other activities.  The patient was then given exercises to help increase strength in lower traps. The patient elected to see the physiotherapist a Pro Health Chiropractic to help them do there exercises.


    It is common for us to see a lot of sports injuries in this clinic as chiropractors. Our practitioners have had the opportunity to work with some of Canada’s top athletes and as a result have a very diverse range of treatments and methods they use.

    Do not be shy and call or email a chiropractor, Physiotherapist (Physio), or massage therapist at our Calgary clinic if you have any questions. We don’t mind giving you some advice and education over the phone.  Our friendly Calgary staff will be more than happy to explain chiropractic, Active Release (ART), physiotherapy, Radial shockwave,  and Massage therapy and how it may or may not help you.

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