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  • NW Calgary Chiropractor, Massage & Physiotherapy – Radial Shockwave for Knee Pain Treatment 1


    A 40 year old female female patient presented to the chiropractic clinic in northwest Calgary complaining of pain beneath her knee cap. The pain had started during a run and was continually getting worse as she would run longer.


    The Calgary Chiropractor did a few tests on her knee and revealed that she was suffering from patellar tendonitis. Her quadriceps were very tight and as a result the tendon was getting overstressed. It was recommended that the chiropractor do Radial Shockwave Therapy. A cutting edge treatment that agitates tissue to create new blood supply and as a result causes the tissue to heal quicker.


    The radial shockwave was performed over the patellar tendon as well as the hamstrings in the back of the knee. After words Graston and active release (A.R.T) were performed to further break down scar tissue that formed around the tendon and to loosen up the muscle. The chiropractor then mobilized the knee and the hips of the patient to go the joints moving more fluid.


    The knee pain did feel decreased after the treatment but still there. The patient will return in 5 days for her second treatment.


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