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    As a chiropractor in calgary nw who has worked with many professional athletes, I have seen a lot of different injuries. One of the most common ones i see is shoulder injuries. Using my combined Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Active Release, Radial Shockwave, and Graston approach with rehabilitative exercise, it has allowed me the ability to maximize peoples potential, increase there athletic performance and  allow them to return to activity faster than any other method.  A few weeks ago, I saw a very typical shoulder problem that you do not necessarily have to be an athlete to experience,but is common in sport. That being said I have sen this injury in hairdressers, mechanics and office employees. You might have the same,  here is how it was solved.


    A 33 year old patient exhibiting shoulder pain in there right arm came in to the Chiropractic Clinic in Nw Calgary with pain radiating down the arm. The patient worked out 3 days a week. He complained a lot of pain and tightness in the shoulder particularaly when doing bench press.


    After the chiropractor examined the shoulder it was found that the patients right shoulder was rolled slightly forward. The muscles in the back of the shoulder and the chest muscles, were all tightened from compensating for the dysfunction happening in the shoulder. After doing a few tests the chiropractor identified that the shoulder capsule had tightened up in the back of the patients right shoulder and as a result was pushing the shoulder forward into the front deltoid. This pushing was causing the patient to stress the front deltoid instead of the chest muscles when doing bench press.


    We did some acupuncture with tens machine and some dry needling and Active Relase (ART) to the front of the shoulder, the back of the rotator cuff.  After this was complete, the patients upper back was mobilized by a chiropractic manipulation. The patient was shown some stretch to open up the shoulder capsule and left feeling extreme relief. The patient is returning in 3 days for follow up chiropractor treatment.

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