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  • NW Calgary Chiropractor- Shoulder Pain Treatment two

    The patient returned to the Calgary Chiropractic Clinic with a 50 % decrease in pain. The patient noted that there was still some pain when doing bench press, but it was significantly less and more localized without radiating down there arm. He was very impressed with how effective the chiropractic treatment was.


    Upon assessment the chiropractor found that there was still some tightness in the back of the rotator cuff and capsule. It was also noted that the long head in the triceps was very tight and restricting movement of the shoulder as well.


    The chiropractor performed Active release(ART) on the back of the rotator cuff and shoulder capsule to open up the joint. He then did some dry needling to the triceps muscles to release the tightness restricting the muscle. The chiropractor then mobilized the shoulder blade and thoracic spine.  Lastly, he placed the tens machine on the three deltoid muscles as well as the back of the rotator cuff and inserted some acupuncture needles. The patient was given instruction to not lift weights for 24-48 hours after the treatment and given specific stretches and exercises for lower traps and shoulder capsule. The patient left feeling very and will be returning to the the chiropractic clinic in 5 days.


    We pride our clinic on providing the highest standards of chiropractic and physiotherapy care in Calgary. If you have specific questions about any health concern, call us and one of our knowledgeable chiropractors or physiotherapists will be happy to take a few minutes and talk to you on the phone.

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