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Why we are different

The team at Pro-health takes a different approach to your health.  Our goal is to be effective & efficient by getting you better faster and staying pain free longer.

We specialize in treating debilitating low back conditions such as disc herniation & spinal degeneration (arthritis). We do this by using very specialized equipment that can gently and non-forcefully decompress and re-align the spine while promoting tissue hydration & regeneration.

Eliminate Your Pain

The treatment protocol can vary based on the severity of your injury. A typical plan can range from:

·  4  treatments over 2 weeks to

· 12 treatments over 6 weeks

Tight muscles will be treated with a new dimension percussor which uses high frequency vibration & percussion to:

· Soften muscle tissue

· Promote blood flow &

· Eliminate pain

Once the muscle tissue is sufficiently relaxed the spine is ready for decompression.  Using an automatic flexion table your low back will be gently stretched and decompressed to:

· Decrease spinal pressure &

· Rehydrate your discs

Based on evidence, training, and clinical experience this safe & effective 6-week protocol has been developed to reduce the need for spinal surgeries.

Prevent Re-injury

The most important part of our plan is to give you the tools needed to take care of yourself once the treatment protocol is complete.

Those who take the time to learn about and understand their bodies often have better long term outcomes.

Throughout your treatment protocol you will be given educational tools that you and your family can use for a lifetime to prevent pain and re-injury.

Its time to take back your life, let our team of experts help you get there today.