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  • Third Active Release Treatment (A.R.T) for low back case- Northwest Calgary Chiropractor

    The patient arrived for her Chiropractic appointment feeling very good. 90% of her acute back pain had been relieved during the first two Active Release Treatment (A.R.T) sessions. She laid down on the chiropractic table for assessment.
    A few muscle tests were done to assess the way the muscles around the left hip and SI joint were functioning. It was found that the Glut muscle on the left hand side was still a bit inhibited and weak (functioning at about 80%). The glut muscle on the left hand side was a little bit tight. Active Release (A.R.T) was performed on the left glut muscle to open up the SI joint further, the glut muscle was then adjusted by the chiropractor and the patient left feeling 100% relief.
    The patient booked a followup appointment for 10 days away.

    Dr K.

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